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Just popping in for a minute to say I’m alive….  My parents are in town and keeping me very, very busy, so there’s not really time for careful, considered, typo-less blogging.  I did see the Babylone exhibit at the Louvre, and about a third of the Touches de Sacre exhibit at Pompidou (it’s terrific — I’ll definitely be going back.), plus a lot of shopping and eating.  I’ll blog it all when I can, but for now, I just wanted to remind people about the picnic Saturday!  See the post below for details.

I just realized the meteo is saying rain for Saturday, so….  if it rains, it rains, maybe we’ll try again the following weekend.  I’ll post something here the morning of to let you know.


1 Comment

  1. have fun with the ‘rents, do!
    and i’m wishing you good weather
    this weekend!

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