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There are certain predictable phases in life-cycle of an expat blog.

From the timid introduction and the giddy opening posts, to the desperate self-abasement in hopes of winning more readers, followed by long hiatuses while the author struggles for anything to say…. As regularity finally sets in, you begin to look forward to the appearance of daily, weekly, or monthly posts. But then one day comes the inevitable announcement: the author has lost her excuse for residing in this exotic land — the fantasy is over, and she must return, regretfully, to ordinary, unblogworthy life.

Alas, that moment has come for me: On June 3rd, I will stop being “la petite americaine,” and go back to being just a plain old American.

But don’t write my obituary quite yet… I’ve been coming to Paris off and on since I was less than a year old, and I know I’ll be back, even if I’m not sure exactly when or how. Nevertheless, the time is approaching for me to bid adieu to this particular sejour, and so I invite you all — fellow-bloggers, commenters, lurkers, and whoever else may be wandering by — to join me next Saturday for a farewell picnic in the sun.


Saturday, May 24 from 14h until whenever (at some point in the evening, the picnic will join forces with katia and kyliemac‘s “aperi-picnic”)
At the very tippy-tip of the Ile de la Cite — square du vert galant, near the statue of Henry IV.
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Bring blankets, plus whatever food and drink you prefer.



  1. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and share your obsession with French takes on American junk food! Good luck to you.

  2. ::waving hand enthusiastically in air:: me! me! i’ll be there! 🙂 see you soon… (i’ll be the one with the magic orange glasses.)

  3. oh damn, I won’t be able to be there. Sorry to hear you’re leaving Paris, I only just found your blog recently. I hope you’ll continue writing from the US. Best of luck and enjoy the picnic!

  4. I’m so sad.

  5. Thanks for your good wishes, people… I’m not sure what will become of this blog once I move. I may continue to update it, but I’m not sure what I’d say…
    And Maitresse, you have no right to be sad, when you’re leaving even before I am!

  6. oh shoot well you’ll be leaving just as I’ll be returning! good luck back in the U.S.!

  7. we come and we go, and I’ll still love your blog. Take care.

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