At Least They Can’t Vote

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As my readers may or may not have noticed, there’s a presidential election going on back home right now… and yesterday, my tiny state (not to mention a giant state and two normal-size states) had its primary.

Of course, since I’m currently in absentia, I actually cast my vote about a week ago, by mail. My darling little state chose to enclose this rather excitable note along with my ballot:


Y’hear that? Two exclamtion points. Don’t mess with the democratic process.

I don’t know if you’ve been following the race, but it’s currently a pretty close one, at least on the Democrats’ side. The French press, however, seem to have already picked a winner:

Hillary in France

To be fair, most of the books in that display are merely English books translated into French. Still, I looked around quite a bit, but found nary a copy of The Audacity of Hope, or Dreams from my Father — to say nothing of McCain’s Hard Call. Yup — looks like as far as the French are concerned, this is a one woman race.



  1. Hmmmm… I’m not so sure — I’ve actually heard quite a few French commentators on the radio and elsewhere “endorsing” (so to speak) Barack Obama, and I know that overall many of the French seem to have chosen him as “their” candidate — if they could vote! Then again, J loves to remind me that they did the same thing with John Kerry back in 2004, and look where that got him! (nowhere, basically…) J’s a Hillary fan, by the way, which somehow surprises me — but he’s very unpredictable that way! I, on the other hand, chose Obama. I just feel like we definitely need a big change. Enfin, on verra… (And on a sidenote, McCain freaks the hell out of me, so if he finds his way into the White House, I will have even more reason to avoid the U.S. in the near future, unfortunately!)

  2. It’s true, Alice, I didn’t exactly perform the most scientific of polls. But I have to admit, I was pretty blown away when I saw this display in Gibert Jeune! Maybe it’s just because, in America, any mainstream bookstore would be embarrassed to give even the appearance of partisanship.
    You know, I remember last year, when the campaigns were just beginning, I kept running into French people who had never heard of Obama! I’m glad to hear he’s made more of an impression, now.

  3. Hey La Petite, I didn’t realize you were from Rhody.
    I went to URI, but I live in CA now. Do you miss Rhode Island at all? What part are you from?

  4. Hi Victoria — I grew up in Providence and went to college there as well… RI is great, but I’d probably miss it more if I hadn’t just spent the last two months there! It’s good to be back in Paris.

  5. I always enjoy seeing a European perspective on U.S. politics. Thanks for posting this! And I’m also glad to hear that Obama is making an impression across the pond.

  6. torture me with the food photos…..I’m down to my last chaource and my last bottle of Quincy.

  7. I think the reason why Gibert Jeune would have so many books about Hillary presented this way and none about McCain or Obama is pretty simple:

    -the primaries are a hot topic right now, so anything related to them will sell.
    -there are many books in French about Hillary Clinton.
    -I doubt there are any about Obama and McCain.

  8. I am surrounded my French Hillary supporters down here. But they do ask me about Barack a lot.

  9. Hey, djinnandtonic — I aim to please. Check the front page. 😉

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