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January 11, 2008 at 8:43 pm | Posted in food | 8 Comments
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I really and truly did mean to post back in December to let my readers know what was going to happen to me and this blog in the coming months… but then holidays got in the way, and travel, and whathaveyou, and here I’ve left my poor little blog looking all forlorn and abandoned.

But it has not been abandoned! It’s just on a little hiatus while I spend a couple months States-side. I’ll be back in Paris at the end of February, though, with hopefully many new tales to tell. In the meanwhile, entertain yourself with a few pics from my last, lovely days in Paris:

foie gras au fleur de sel

What would Christmas in Paris be without a little (or a lot of) foie gras? This delectable slab featuring fleur de sel and a dash of pig’s ear came from Pramil, the delightfully inventive resto that Rhino has been talking up all over town. More pics here.

Another treat for adventurous palates, le Pré Verre served up some unexpected flavor combinations, like this parsley ice cream on a bed of rice pudding.

Riz au lait

More pics and descriptions here.

And I’ll conclude with a rare treat from Pierre Hermé.

Macarons from Pierre Herme

I’m not usually a big fan of macarons, which I find a little cloying in their ordinary chocolate-rose-pistachio incarnations. But how could I resist these jewel-toned treats with flavors like passionfruit and chocolate, foie gras and fig, or white truffle? I wasn’t disappointed, either — even the most challenging flavor combinations, like chocolate and foie gras, came off beautifully and never felt like a trick or a gimmick.

All right, there’s my holiday in food. I hope you’ll join me again in February!



  1. I’m booking you NOW for dinner when you get back – bon voyage and have a great time!!

  2. I’m all yours, darling.

  3. hurry back!

  4. Oh MAN, I didn’t get to say goodbye before you headed off for a few months! Hope you’re having a good trip back home to the U.S.; mine was restful for the most part (and much shorter), although a bit emotional as well, so it was a bit of a mix. I tried to squeeze in as much American junk food as possible in 10 days, if you can believe it! Man, were the bagels and the hot pretzels good — I still wish I had had one last hot pretzel with lemonade before leaving… And I didn’t bring NEARLY enough stuff to tide me over here.

    Hope you had really nice holidays with your family as well, Amy. It’s hard to believe it’s already behind us and we’ve moved into 2008… It always takes me a bit of an adjustment! But on the other hand, resolutions aren’t my thing, so I won’t be making any specific ones.

    BTW, those Pierre Hermé macarons look just DIVINE: I’ve heard so much about them from SO MANY people and STILL haven’t gotten my butt down there to try them. One of these days…

  5. I definitely scarfing a lot of American-style junk food, as well, Alice — fried chicken, chicago-style pizza, burritos… good for the soul, if not for the body.

  6. Hey, I recognized the foie gras with pig ear garnish from the photo before reading the rest… Mr. Rhino and his good friend Mia took me to Pramil too!

  7. Ah, yes — I was so sad to miss Mia the night I was there.

  8. Pierre Herme macarons are from heaven. The first time I went into their store I was like, Wait? Is this a jewelry store?

    Love your blog!

    May Vanderbilt

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