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December 12, 2007 at 3:03 pm | Posted in art, fashion | 6 Comments
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I have neither the time nor the energy to blog seriously right now, but I wanted to tell anyone who thinks they might have even the remotest interest to see the Lacroix show at the Musée de la Mode.  The gowns on display are truly gorgeous — although only a few of them are by Lacroix, the rest were selected by Lacroix from the museum’s extensive permanent collection to illustrate his favorite tropes and techniques in the history of fashion.

Of course, everything is stunning, but what really impressed me was the curating.  It seems as though the museum basically gave Lacroix carte blanche to play with their collection, and it was surprising to me how intelligent and considered his choices and remarks were.  Not all artists can talk about art as well as make it.

There was no photography allowed, but do take the time to check out this slide show of pieces from the exhibit — it should give you some idea of the pieces on display.



  1. Hey Amy! I read about this exhibit a few weeks back in the French Elle, and I was staying at my friend Philippe’s place in town at the time. We both agreed that we need to go see this show together, absolutely, before it’s over! It sounded excellent from the article, and now that you’ve given it some kudos as well, I’m even more convinced!

    Here’s hoping I can fit it into my schedule in early January, when I get back from the U.S. — how long is it on for again? I’ll have to check the website… I don’t want to miss it!

  2. It’s on till the 20th april, 2008, Alice — so you have no excuse!

  3. Sounds wonderful – I must go!


  4. I can just imagine the colours !

  5. Amy, It was wonderful meeting you last week. We’ll have to go for a drink some time in the new year and really hash it out.

    I hope your trip back to the states is nice, safe and without hassles. As much as possible, anyway.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  6. Hi–

    Thanks so much for the recommendation! After reading your post, I went to the exhibit with my fashion-loving daughter yesterday before she headed back to the states.

    Although the Lacroix pieces themselves were not my favorites (or hers), his curating of the exhibit was fabulous. It was worth the 45 minute wait to get in!

    Bonne annee

    Merci for the great tip.

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