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November 29, 2007 at 1:05 pm | Posted in food | 9 Comments
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Last week as I trawled through La Grande Epicerie last week looking for overpriced cranberries, I also stumbled across this fine example of conspicuous consumption:

Bling H20

Introducing Bling H20 — sparkling water for people who want all their sparkle on the surface. Yes, that’s right: for a mere $55, you too can be the owner of a tacky, rhinestone encrusted bottle of plain, ordinary (and in fact, still) water.

Now, everyone who knows me knows I love pointlessly sparkly things, but I have to admit, I’m a little appalled. Seriously, is there any possible excuse for dog tags on bottled water? It makes me feel dirty for even shopping in the same store with this atrocity.


Not too dirty to snap a couple of pictures, though. Ooh, sparkly!



  1. Yikes. All those bottles will soon be in the hands of paying consumers. Thought it’s hard to completely hate something that, merely by existing, makes me seem classier than I am.

  2. You mean, you can appear classy by mere virtue of the fact that you didn’t buy it? I kind of like that idea…

  3. Oh dear lord. Can I join the ranks of the classy too? By not buying any, I mean?

  4. Be my guest!

  5. Incoyable….. who buys these anyway ?

  6. You know, if you don’t mind the frozen variety, Picard normally carries cranberries.

  7. I did not know, Gabrielle… although I admit that cranberries only make fairly rare appearances in my cooking, so I’m not sure I’ll need more any time soon.

    And Parisian Cowboy — I kept meaning to check out your blog after the last party! Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Sheesh….I wonder if they’ll end up at Grocery Outlet for $1.99 next year ? 🙂 I can’t imagine anyone paying 55 euros for water.

  9. I agree…tres gauche!

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