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November 22, 2007 at 12:34 pm | Posted in food | 6 Comments
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So, it’s Thanksgiving today, which means all the Franco-American bloggers are posting about gratitude, or American traditions, or the odds of finding a decent pumpkin pie this side of the Atlantic. As for me — I’m here to tell you about my favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

Quan Ngon

Charming ambiance, no? By the way, those towers you see reflected in the windows are Les Olympiades — Paris’s answer to “the projects”.

Now, I know Ms. Glaze gave her Vietnamese recommendation a little while back, located in the infinitely more charming and accessible St. Michel area. And sure, there are any number of little holes-in-the-wall around the city where you can get a piping hot bowl of pho. But what brings back to Quan Ngon again and again is the house specialty — crèpe vietnamienne.

Crepe Vietnamienne

Basically, it’s a light, fluffy pancake, fried until perfectly crispy (but not greasy) and wrapped around chicken, mushrooms, sprouts and veggies. It’s served with fish sauce and pungent greens (basil, mint, etc.), which I like to stuff inside, though I have no idea if that’s traditional. Either way, the flavor combination is definitely worth the trip.

So dream all you want of canned cranberry sauce and green bean casserole. I’ll be crunching into one of these.

Crepe Vietnamienne


Quan Ngon
63, rue Javelot
75013 Paris
Metro: Olympiades



  1. Those are some great pics, Amy! Excellent shot of that crêpe… And it’s making my mouth water, yummmmm! I didn’t do anything special for Thanksgiving yesterday either — it’s been YEARS since I’ve had a real Thanksgiving meal! We had a broccoli and apple quiche from Clotilde’s cookbook for dinner.

  2. Thanks, Alice. I wound up making coq au vin for dinner, which seemed at least a little festive…

  3. Great post!We’ve been invited to Vietnamese friends’ house for a traditional meal this weekend! I can’t wait! Last time we had Pho and lots of other delicious dishes.

  4. […] November 27, 2007 at 11:49 am | In food | Okay, I know I sort of implied last week that I was too cool for Thanksgiving and was giving a pass to all forms of seasonal tradition. But […]

  5. I hope you enjoy your feast!

  6. I’m so there. rdv in late february?

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