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October 26, 2007 at 12:19 pm | Posted in food | 5 Comments
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Last dumpling

One dumpling.

That’s all that remained of the dim sum feast I shared with Cath by the time I remembered to take out my camera. What can I say? Sometimes my enthusiasm for piping hot food wins out over my sense of journalistic responsibility.

We had agreed to meet at New Nioulaville to test out the best (and only?) dim sum Paris has on offer. Seriously, every time I asked anyone where to get good dim sum in this town, I always heard one of two things — New Nioulaville, or nowhere.

It’s true that decent dim sum can be maddeningly elusive even in the most cosmopolitan of cities. I’ve been told by a few people not to even bother in New York — you’re better off making the trek to Boston’s chinatown, if you want an authentic experience. Is Paris, likewise, a dumpling desert, or would New Nioulaville satisfy our cravings for tiny, flavorful dishes served at little cost and even less pretense?

Well, I’m ready to weigh in on the subject: as far as I’m concerned, New Nioulaville was everything I was hoping it would be: fresh, reasonably priced dim sum served properly, off of rolling carts (no menus) — and all this on a Monday afternoon! There’s probably even greater variety if you go for weekend brunch.

I only regret that I don’t have any other photos of the experience. But perhaps it’s for the best… some people would only have been grossed out by the chicken’s feet, anyway, right? Their loss — those salty-sweet nubbins were entirely delicious.

New Nioulaville
32-34, Rue de l’Orillon, 75011


Tel : 01 40 21 96 18



  1. Sounds so good! If we ever eat dim sum together, I will gladly eat chicken feet with you! It’s hard to find people who will eat them, but they’re so much fun to eat.

  2. I look forward to it, Stephanie. 🙂

  3. Oh Amy you have set me off on a spiral of dim-sum related obsessiveness! Since we met I have had cuisine à la vapeur about five times… but not as good as at New Nioulaville.
    I have generally picked up little bits at traiteurs then have eaten them at my flat, but last week my sister and I went to Le Lac de l’Ouest on Rue de l’Harpe in the 5th and had lovely raviolis de crevettes and then perfect canard à l’orange.
    I am not looking forward to going home where this food is not accessible to me.

    Just let me know if you fancy meeting for a coffee any time – I have a new phone number as my phone was pickpocketed on the RER – chouette – but its temporary so you could just send me an email.

    Take care xx

  4. CHICKEN FEET?! Ewww, completely gross, but I will check out said restaurant with friends as soon as possible. Thanks for the info. :o)

  5. *rolls eyes*

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