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The fair came to town this past weekend! That is to say, Fiac, the Foire international d’art contemporain. Even for those of us with a passion for contemporary art, Fiac can feel like a bit much — over the course of four days, you’re supposed to wander through the Louvre and the Grand Palais, sifting through thousands of works by artists known and unknown, always on alert for the art world’s Next Big Thing.

As for me, I opted for Reader’s Digest version: in between the two giant hubs filled to the brim with paintings, photos, and installations, a mere handful of sculptures were elegantly scattered through the Jardins des Tuileries — much more manageable.

27 years light

Some were merely puzzling, like this giant metal egg constructed from (I think) coffee pots.

Mon repos aux Tuileries

Others were whimsical, like Claude Leveque’s Mon repos aux Tuileries. It consisted of a beat-up old van containing a lit chandelier, apparently run aground in a fountain, amidst a forest of mostly-submerged street lamps. It’s hard to look at such a strange scene without inventing a story to explain it — most of mine involve a zombie holocaust.

Elefant Dret

And what’s not to love about an elephant balancing on its trunk?

Check here for the rest of my Fiac photos.



  1. We saw the truck last week – I loved it! I still like the submarine best though… Will the sculptures still be up next week though? We’re arriving on Wednesday and I’d love to see the egg.


  2. Submarine! I must have missed that one… I have no idea how much longer the pieces will be up. It’s possible they’ll outlast the main Fiac show by a bit.

  3. Great pics! I think you’ve definitely got the best bit of the FIAC here. The rest of it always seems so… commercial … which is, of course, the point but still… I like the truck in the pond!!

  4. Yes, that’s it exactly — I peered in the windows of the “real” Fiac, but everything looked so commidified… it didn’t much interest me. The sculptural installations were more my style.

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