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I’ve heard it said that Paris is a challenging city for cat-lovers. In most Italian cities, cats roam at will, foraging and begging for food, making their presence known in alleyways, on church steps, and even hanging around famous monuments.


This, for example, is the view from our hotel window in Naples a few years ago. These kitties showed up the minute we opened the shutters, and kept up a three-day chorus of meows and purrs until at last we tossed some tuna out the window.

The Parisian cat, on the other hand, is much more elusive. They are quite popular as pets, but most French people keep their feline companions confined to their apartments, so the casual flanneur might never see them. But cats being escape artists by nature, if keep your eyes open, you may spot a few as you wander the streets. I’ve already seen a couple crawling along gutters or sunning themselves on shop awnings, plus there’s one who hangs out in a greek restaurant in the Quartier Latin.

Ghost Cat

This lovely specimen hangs out in the courtyard of my building, and generally comes out at dusk. We thought he was a ghost the first time we saw him.



  1. I totally miss seeing cute little kittys walking around! Even when I lived in London it was a rare sight and I always tried to pick them up and give them hugs when I saw a cute one! lol 😉

    xox Girl and the City

  2. It’s true, but their scarcity makes it all the more fun when you do see one.

  3. Those are some neat shots. My wife and I always seem to end up with strays floating about our house on occasion.

  4. the title of this post is hereby appreciated !!

  5. Of course I thought of you…

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