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Pre-Poached eggs

Saw these in the supermarket the other day, and it creeped me out. The sad thing is, I love poached eggs… on toast, in salads, as delightful little appetizers. And it’s true that, for all I love them, I can rarely be bothered to cook ’em up at home. But pre-poached, ready-to-eat eggs in a carton? Can this really be a good idea?

Please, if anyone has tried these, let me know. I have to know if this really works.



  1. Ewww. I’m a little surprised to see that, actually.

  2. Me too. It seems… wrong, somehow.

  3. Um, that stuff canNOT be good! Freaking me out a little here… I agree that I’m surprised to see that in France, but these days I guess nothing should really surprise me!

  4. Oh, you have to try them! It’s certainly freaky, but just imagine how great life will be if they’re actually good! Poached eggs anytime, anywhere! The possibilities are dizzying!

  5. Ha! It’s funny, that’s exactly what the boy said. Okay, in the name of blog research, I’ll buy some next time I’m at the store.

  6. That is quite gross sounding. Freaks me out like powdered milk. But who knows, maybe they are good. Could be one of those foods that taste good but you never want to know what into it or creating it.

  7. consider it an experiment in culinary culture clash.
    Buy a package, take it home, photograph the contents and how close it looks to the picture on the box!

  8. Wow. Packaged poached eggs. What an utterly weird idea. I am looking forward to your verdict if you decide to buy a pack for the sake of experimentation.

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