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September 24, 2007 at 12:38 pm | Posted in food | 3 Comments
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No, really.


La Cave a Bulles, a “beer boutique” just around the corner from le Centre Pompidou, hosts regular free beer tastings that are not to be missed. And although they carry a few belgian lambics, etc., their real specialty is artisanal microbrews from all over France.

But wait — France produces wine, not beer, right? Wrong! Not only is there an ever-expanding world of French beers out there, they’re actually really good… Rich and complex enough to compete with their Belgian neighbors, believe it or not.


We came home with these two, yesterday. I haven’t tried the chestnut one yet, but the amber one (“honi soit qui biere n’y boit”) is smooth, robust, slightly nutty — once I had my first taste, I pretty much never wanted it to stop.

But don’t take my word for it. Head over to la Cave a Bulles and ask for a recommendation. Better yet, ask to be put on their mailing list, so you’ll be the first to know next time there’s a free tasting.

La cave à bulles
45 rue Quincampoix
Tuesday to Saturday, 10h-14h et 16h-20h.



  1. How neat! Thank you for this. I’ve generally been more of a wine drinker, but have gotten more beer and cider curious lately. I will have to check out this cave à bulles to see what I’ve been missing, French beer-wise.

  2. Aralena, it’s a great place to start if you want to learn a bit about beer. The guys who work there are very friendly and helpful.

  3. INTERESTING…thanks for posting on this! One our our biggest complaints when we lived there was the quality of beer (we come from Pacific NW, microwbrew territory). I didn’t know France had many microbrews. I shall begin the quest of finding them on our next trip in the spring!

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