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Blue Roy

Tuesday, I finally finished the draft I’ve been working on all summer, so yesterday I rewarded myself with a trip to the new Pinacoteque de Paris to see their inaugural exhibit, Roy Lichtenstein: Evolution.

The pinacoteque turns out to be an interesting little museum. The exhibit hall is in the basement, and it’s a small space, but these limitations are largely overcome by smart curating: instead of feeling cluttered, the careful positioning of the pieces allows for interesting comparisons and lends a sense of continuity to the show.

Still, the venue demands that the show itself be a somewhat modest affair, and probably not the best choice for a Lichtenstein neophyte — those big, boisterous pop-art extravaganzas for which he is best known would overwhelm this intimate space. Instead, most of the exhibit is devoted to sketches, studies, and collages constructed in preparation for the larger works. Still, mixed in with the sketches are a number of privately-held pieces that you may never get a chance to see elsewhere.

All considered, there’s a lot here for a Lichtenstein fan: the show features works from almost every phase of his career, from the iconic comic book heroines to Asian-inspired landscapes to whimsical “brushstroke” sculptures. Better yet, every spare inch of wall is covered with illuminating quotes from the artist himself, explaining why he made various shifts in form and subject. I, for one, never knew that Lichtenstein was inspired by cubism, and I loved his take on abstract expressionism as well.

The show closes September 23rd.



  1. I was intrigued about this exhibit when you first mentioned it the last time we had drinks… I wonder if this is another show I’m gonne end up letting pass me by? I feel like that’s the story of my life these days… UGH.

  2. Alice, it’s a pretty small exhibit — you could totally see in on your lunch break.

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