A Bag of Chips, and All That

August 14, 2007 at 11:44 am | Posted in food | 8 Comments

Gather ’round, everyone! It’s time for another episode of Junk-Food Round-Up!

First up to bat: yet another flavor of potato chips. And as an aside, I have to say I’m becoming a bit concerned about the potato chip situation in this country. Much as I love to try new things, it seems like every time I go back to the hyper-marché in search of a favored flavor, it turns out that the object of my pursuit is no where to be found!

Just last week I developed a craving for those outstanding smoked ham-flavored potato chips I mentioned before… but nada! No sign of them. So instead I went home with these:


 Rather like cheese puffs, only they’re… bacon puffs.


Although, given that in America we would never use a pink log of meat to represent bacon, I’m given to wonder exactly what part of the pig we’re consuming here. But I suppose the answer is, no part! It’s all artificial flavoring. Anyway, these were pretty tasty, albeit with a slightly chemically aftertaste.

Moving on. I also managed to snag a bag of these, which I’m positive I never saw on any previous supermarket trip:

'Shroom chips

Wild mushroom potato chips! Oh, these were fantastic — I’ve always thought that mushrooms and potatoes go really well together, so this was pretty much a dream come true. Like the storied ham chips of yore, these would probably also go well with melted cheese.

Which brings us to our last contestant. But first, a riddle: what’s brown and sticky?

Giant Stick

Why, Giant Stick, of course. I’ve now spent a fair amount of time examining this package, and I’m still not sure whether this product name would fly in the US. Yes, it’s stupid, but you have to admit it has a sort of appealing transparency.

Giant Stick?

The biggest problem would probably be the truth in advertising laws. I know I haven’t included anything for scale in this picture, but take my word for it: there’s nothing giant about this snack. And I suppose “Stick!” just doesn’t quite have the same ring.



  1. I have to agree that the potato chips in this country are very strange.


    Sunday I saw a bag of Cheese and Ham chips.

    But I think your bag of wild mushroom chips are the nuttiest I’ve seen yet. I wonder what they were smoking in their research labs?… I don’t doubt that they taste good, but the very idea is bizarre.

    Too bad you didn’t take a picture of your giant stick beside a ruler. Now I’m curious.

  2. Jenn, I’d say it was about 30cm, give or take.

    Oh, but cheese and ham chips? MUST HAVE.

  3. I love this series of posts. They are fascinating and amusing. And I think mushroom chips would be a big hit in our household, though perhaps not in the US at large.

  4. Thanks, Tyra. I only wish more Americans had adventurous palates.

  5. Ew.

    on another note, I’d love to see you before I go, and I go next friday. what does your schedule look like? xxL

  6. this is great… i love the roasted chicken flavored ones. and why paprika everything??? but you do have to admit that us silly americans do have odd chip flavors too.. funions, pork rinds, bacon flavored stuff and pizza flavored chips. mmm boy.

  7. Great post! The worst one I remember taking note of was ketchup flavored chips. Ew.

  8. What? Ketchup crips rule

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