Darkness Falls

June 1, 2007 at 3:50 pm | Posted in vie quotidienne | 6 Comments

I took these a couple of days ago during one of the sudden storms we’ve been having lately. It was about five o’clock when the sky abruptly shifted from bright white to roiling gray to nearly black.

Storm Clouds

Sudden Shower

Paris Street, Rainy Evening



  1. These are really great photos – I’ve never been able to capture rain very well myself. I like how sort of surreal they look.

  2. Thanks, but I didn’t do much more than point and shoot — the digcam did the rest. I honestly had no idea how they’d turn out until I uploaded them.

  3. The first and second ones are amazing…

  4. Amazing photographs – it almost looks like snow! Crazy weather we’ve been having..!

  5. Yeah, it’s weird how much like snow it looks… maybe something to do with the effect of the flash?

  6. gorgeous photos. i really feel like i’m there looking out the window, especially the second one.

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