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Wednesday evening, while everyone else in this country watched the presidential debates, I attended the opening of Kasia Ozga‘s exhibit at the Fondation des Etats-Unis. The major motifs of the exhibit, as you can see below, were rope and body parts — mostly hands, feet, and fingers.


I highly recommend reading Ozga’s own artist’s statement about her works, because she has a lot of interesting things to say about fractured identities and anti-commodification. But for me, the pieces had an almost fetishistic, horror-movie aesthetic to them that I found pretty compelling.

Rope, for example — of course it can be just an ordinary tool, but in the context of the human body, it’s hard not to think of it as a vehicle for torture, murder, or suicide.

rope feet

The repeated images of ropes joined to dismembered extremities brought to mind the creepy experiments/fantasies of a serial killer — something like the skin and bone art featured in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

rope finger

broken hand

This one only broke because someone knocked it over. Still, I felt the damaged piece played nicely into my imagined theme — another echo of the torture motif.

More pictures are available here and on Ozga’s website.

Exhibit open until May 10th
Fondation des Etas-Unis
Cite Universitaire
Paris, 14eme



  1. amy! the photos look great! the first one really shows off the great shadows that the mobiles make.

    good to hear from you. keep in touch!

  2. You have a very, very interesting blog! What a fun read! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  3. The coil of rope with the feet totally skeeve me out. Awesome.

  4. Jenn, you should go to this exhibit. I think you might really like it.

  5. ew! having a very powerful response to the rope with the extremities glued on. I guess disgust is better than no reaction at all, huh?

    btw– just finished reading On Beauty and loved it. did you read it yet? highly recommend.

  6. That picture of the hand is amazing indeed…

  7. […] you missed Kasia Ozga’s unsettling rope sculptures back in May, you’ve got another chance now. Her exhibit, “Attractions et […]

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