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February 22, 2007 at 12:01 pm | Posted in spectacle | 8 Comments

Need a cure for the February blahs? How about a trip to the circus?


Tuesday evening, Brumaire and I cashed in a late Christmas present at the Cirque d’Hiver, or winter circus. If you live in Paris, you’ve no doubt seen their posters in all over the place, but maybe you thought the circus was only for little kids. And well… Yeah, there are a lot of kids there, especially this week, since it’s school vacation. But we were surprised to find we were not the only childless adults in attendance: seated right next to us were an old mémé et pépé, and there was a gaggle of girlfriends across the way, not to mention assorted cozy couples.

Anyway, if you haven’t been to the circus since you were a kid, you owe it to yourself to check out this spectacle. The tigers were my favorite, but there were also seals…




And much, much more! Sure, it may not be the most high brow of theater experiences, but there’s something to be said for a group of people doing their damnedest to keep an audience entertained.



  1. You know what, Amy? That’s a great idea! I haven’t been to a circus in years either, unless you count the Cirque de Soleil I saw in D.C. back in 1998, but even that was nine whole years ago… And not quite the same! I think it would be cool to see me some lions and tigers and bears again… And elephants! I wanna see some elephants!

    I’m going to have to talk my boy into this… How long is the Cirque d’hiver going on for?

  2. Alice, the site indicates that it runs until March 4th. Oh, but sadly there were no elephants or bears. Still, the tigers were very impressive, as were the seals. And there were horses and a pony, too.

  3. How fun! It looks like you really got close to the action for those pictures. No weird/scary clowns?

  4. Amanda, I’m not someone who’s particularly afraid of clowns, so I’m not sure I can comment. I can tell you that all the clowns were Italianate, harlequin-style clowns, rather than the red nose, big shoe type we usually see in the states. So maybe that will make a difference for some people? But yeah, if you have a terrible clown-phobia, it goes without saying that you should avoid circuses.

  5. In the first picture, it looks like one of the lions is laying a glowing egg.

    We try to catch Cirque de Soleil every other year when it comes to Philly. Always a fabulous time.

  6. Hi hi I love circus!!! Tigers are beautiful but it hurts to see them caged up. *sigh* But it is still magical! And your photos are very nice! I like the one with the chinese juggler girls! Malheureusement je ne suis pas sur Paris, mais il y en a à Toulouse aussi! 😉

  7. Celine, I was worried about the tigers, too, but they made it very clear that the tigers are very well cared-for. I think the days of animal cruelty at the circus are mostly behind us.

  8. Yes hopefully but still… They should be free in a jungle somewhere… sadly they’re safer in captivity! But I’m sure they’re very well cared-for and loved too 😉

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