Sorry, Pats

January 22, 2007 at 7:24 pm | Posted in food, vie quotidienne | 9 Comments

I’ve already been to Paris, I already been to Rome
And what did I do but miss my home?
I have been out west to Californ’.
But I miss the land where I was born.

Oh, New England.

Last night, Brumaire and I headed out to an expat pub (Canadian-themed, ironically) to view some live, authentic football americain.

I’m not normally the type to go seeking out pseudo-American experiences while I’m here in (arguably) the most beautiful city in the world. But I had to admit this was a special occasion: the Indiana Colts and the New England Patriots facing off for the AFC championship.

Brumaire, you see, is a long-standing Colts fan, and I (as indicated by Jonathan Richman’s lyrics above) hail from New England, so we really had to come out to support our teams — even if it meant there was a little competitive cheering going on.

All in all, it was a good game (the Colts came from behind for a long-awaited win), but it was also kind of a weird experience. In America, sports bars are generally filled with local fans. In Paris, the bar was packed with displaced fans of both teams, plus a motley assortment of curious Frenchies (note to the Parisian in the ludicrous cowboy hat and oversized belt buckle: nobody likes a wannabe).  So every play was greeted by near-violent exchanges of cheers and boos.

And I was so amused by the attempts at American barfood that I had to snap a picture during the half:


Who in the kitchen decided it would be a good idea to pair a plate of onion rings with a square of dark chocolate?

We stumbled home at five in the morning, after four (!) pitchers of beer, countless deep-fried delicacies, and nearly seven hours of football (we’d showed up early for the Saints/Bears game). Don’t tell anyone, but that’s about seven times as much football as I’ve ever watched in one sitting in America.



  1. There’s something about being out of the country that makes typical “American” experiences not only more bearable, but somehow enjoyable. Absence making the heart grow fonder, or stupider, or something.

  2. I know what you mean, Sonja. Nothing like being an expat to make you feel closer to home.

  3. i never relish americana more than when i’m in a country that tends to snub it!

    by the way, i appreciated your review of “Special Topics” – it’s a book i’d been debating discovering, what with all the hype about her record-breaking use of metaphors and comparisons to Nabokov. ??? thank you for saving me from a literary disaster! (and thank heavens for Bulgakov)


  4. Hey… fellow rhymer. Just wanted to give you a heads up on a concert this weekend. I’m playing at Point FMR… 22H onwards. The name of the band is Blutschwester. You should come.

  5. Aralena — Don’t get me started. It’s a travesty how that book was lauded by people who should really know better (hello, nytimes, new yorker!).

  6. Hey Amy, I hadn’t realized you ended up reading Special Topics… I just popped in to see what you had to say about it. I never could quite put my finger on why I hadn’t liked it so much, but you put the nail on the head — it was so overdone! And you can just tell the author is completely full of herself, simply from her writing style…

    Anyhoo, overhyped, definitely. I hope I’m not responsible for you having to suffer through this read! I know we talked about it briefly when I was reading it last fall…

  7. Don’t worry, Alice, it wasn’t you. I’d been meaning to read it for a while, just to see what the buzz was about, and it showed up in the apartment for Christmas.

  8. my friend is heading down to some american bar as well this sunday to catch the superbowl. needless to say, i won’t be joining them.

    your little rhyme made me homesick. *tear* i’m from new england too.

  9. Kewl, I just realize the Superbowl is for this week end. As I’m french I love huge sport events like the Superbowl or the All-Star game as I don’t care whose winning, and I have to re-learn the rules every year. I feel like it’s sport tunring into a big party, I can’t find it into stuffs like Rolland Garros or le Tour de France. That’s so much refreshing.

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