What I Did On My Christmas Vacation

January 4, 2007 at 8:16 pm | Posted in food | 15 Comments

I’m back! Although in fact, I never went away. Instead, my parents came to visit me here, and swallowed up all my free time in an endless stream of museums, movies, and *restaurants*. Seriously, twelve nice restaurants in fourteen days is no easy feat — but while I didn’t manage to clean my plate at each meal, I did at least take a zillion photos. They’re all up on Flickr (minus the super blurry ones), but I’ll share a few of the best ones here:


Let’s get this off to a festive beginning. Black and red caviar, served with creme fraiche and blinis (eaten at home).

lasagne aux champignons

Mushroom lasagne at L’O à la Bouche. A misnomer, kind of, since I don’t think there was any pasta in this dish — just lovely layers of crunchy pastry, wild mushrooms, and cheese served in a luscious, velvety sauce.


Oysters at Le Petit Marguery. We had oysters probably two or three times in the two week period.

piece de veau

Piece de veau at La Ferrandaise — simple and hearty but totally delicious.

foie gras cube

Only a mouthful, but possibly my favorite item on this list. Les Ormes served us this tiny cube of foie gras coated in spices and nuts, delectably matching crunchy and creamy textures.

ice cream sandwich

Also from Les Ormes, an adorable little ice cream sandwich, served with a chocolate mousse and red berry concoction.


Lastly, a detail of our overloaded Bûche de Noël. Hey, man — if it ain’t tacky, it ain’t Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, here’s a little secret just for you: Brumaire got me a fancy new camera! I haven’t used it yet (it’s still charging), but once it’s ready, hopefully we’ll all get to enjoy a New Year filled with gorgeous, blur-free photos.



  1. I’m so hungry the lasagne looked like it was three-dimensional when I first saw it.

    I guess I could just go and get my crappy cafeteria sushi in half an hour.

  2. Hey the rss threw up all over lj again. I wonder why it does that.

    Are those almond macaroons on that ice cream sandwich? Man! it all looks so good…

    damn… I’m hungry.

  3. Crap, why does it do that? I’ve noticed other feeds do it too from time to time, but I have no idea how to avoid it. I have no control over the rss feed.

  4. I donno. My rss feeds dont do it. Did you edit one of your posts today? cause they look to be out of order on the syndication page.

    Thanks to you I had to go find almond macaroons today.

  5. Oh my God. I want that cube of foie gras.

  6. Ilea – Nope, I just made a new post, that’s it. But I’ve noticed even big feeds like the New York Times burp occasionally on my feed reader, so I don’t know if there’s any solution.

  7. That fois gras thing looks like it rocks.

  8. Oh, the foie gras cube was amazing. What’s even more amazing was that it was just an amuse bouche — we didn’t even order it.

  9. My feed did it last night so I contacted them…

    this is their response:

    Because of how LiveJournal stores syndicated information, if a feed is not updated for two weeks, on the next update LiveJournal will retrieve the entire contents, thinking that everything is new. Developers are aware of this problem but have not come up with a solution. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  10. Oh, interesting! Well, at least now I know. Another good reason to be diligent about posting.

  11. Mmm…thank you for the appetizer!

  12. Bravo for getting all those scrumptious food photos! With food that good, it must be hard to stop and take a picture first.

  13. Story of my life, Amanda.

  14. wowzers! It all looks so amazing!

  15. Etienne – as it turns out, there’s some good food in this burg. Who knew?

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