Eurotrash (Now, with real Euros!)

December 7, 2006 at 12:32 pm | Posted in vie quotidienne | 3 Comments

Since you all sent your good wishes, I thought you should be the first to know — yesterday afternoon, the bank account was magically filled! The carte de sejour is still delayed a bit, but now that Brumaire is being paid, who the hell cares?

Thank you all again for your positive anti-bureaucracy vibes. I’m sure it helped!



  1. ’bout time. 🙂

  2. Congrats again, Amy! I know it’s gotta be a good feeling to finally feel like you’re being paid for working — I mean, what a concept! I’m sure Brumaire is shocked that the French finally realized that he was actually EMPLOYED by them… Work=pay, n’est-ce pas ?

  3. Yes, Alice — definitely not a moment too soon.

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