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December 4, 2006 at 1:38 pm | Posted in vie quotidienne | 11 Comments

Hey, remember this post? It turns out all those chickens were still-born.

The carte de sejour has not appeared, and we’ve been criticized for asking about it when “it’s only been a few weeks!” The money that was supposed to appear in the bank account, including three months back pay? Never came. And that nice bank we joined? Seems to have somehow forgotten to give us a bank card, so even if we had any money (which we do not), we wouldn’t be able to access it.

So, it’s back to spaghetti for us. Hey, at least I’m losing weight!

Christmas is going to be fun this year.



  1. 😦 that sucks

  2. Boo!


  3. Yeah, it’s pretty depressing when your “list of things to buy when we have money” includes soap.

  4. Ugh! That’s awful. I tried (unsuccessfully) to renew my carte de sejour today and now I’m going to try to create yet another attestation according to their vague specifications, to complete(?) my dossier before the expiration (Thursday) of my carte.

  5. Amy, I’m so sorry to hear about this! What idiots… They definitely owe M. the money though, so they’ve got to pay it soon, right? If I can do anything to help, really, please let me know!

  6. That really stinks. I hope you get things cleared up soon.

  7. Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes. Does anyone know the effects of positive group thinking on the progress of bureaucracy?

  8. I normally apply for the carte de sejour two to three months before expiry, and it arrives two to three months after expiry (even when I’ve gone through a professional agency).

    On the plus side, a carte de sejour that expired ONLY two months ago seems to be commonly accepted.

    I’ll be sending my positive vibes to cut that red tape — but I’m afraid that my subconscious is already sabotaging my efforts. If you put together a betting pool, my dollar would go on January 25th!

  9. Thanks, tinfoiled. I wish you good luck with your renewals, as well.

  10. There’s probably a way to get a nice fake one… I’ll let you guys know if I find where exactly 🙂

  11. Thanks for the offer, dhjapan, but thank god it finally came through today. 🙂

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