Fun with Anthropomorphism

November 28, 2006 at 4:09 pm | Posted in food, vie quotidienne | 5 Comments

There is a rumor afoot in these parts. I don’t want to be counting any chickens, but word on the street is, there might be an approved carte de séjour making the rounds of French bureaucracy today. It has also been casually hinted that a paycheck (including three months back-pay!) may also be on its way.

Do you know what this means? Groceries!

In related news:


Is that not a weird looking eggplant? It should be a character in a children’s show.

eggplant face

Fais dodo, Monsieur l’Aubergine!

Tomorrow: eggplant parmesan.



  1. Hilarious!

    And here I thought you were flanning about Paris. You job? Backpay? Carte de séjour? Congrats!

  2. JChevais —
    Not *my* carte de sejour… Brumaire’s.

  3. Did I say You Job?
    I mean you have a job. Of course. That merits backpay.

  4. Ahhh!!!! Brumaire

  5. […] Hey, remember this post?  It turns out all those chickens were still-born. […]

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