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October 30, 2006 at 1:01 pm | Posted in food, vie quotidienne | 5 Comments

Saturday: clothes shopping, including an exciting hour during which we thought we had been pickpocketed. Wallet turned up later at home.

Saturday night: fabulous sushi, lovely wine, and charming company at Restaurant Wa, near Les Halles.

sushi boat

The restaurant was lit entirely with pink and blue light, making accurate photography a bit of a challenge.


Usually I won’t use flash when I’m in public, but shhh… I had to do justice to the fish. Also, dessert:

lychee sorbet

Lychee sorbet, which I was way too fish-stuffed to eat, but I certainly admired the presentation. It’s like they planned the whole plate to accompany the lighting scheme.

From there, we continued on to the Cour St. Emilion, where we were just in time for some prime people watching, then started home just in time to miss the last metro. More fun awaited me as I ran for the Noctobus:

sad shoes

Damn you, Paris sidewalk grates! Grrr.

Sunday morning was spent mostly moaning over my excessive consumption of raw fish. Why am I such a pig? Anyway, around two in the afternoon, I managed a light lunch:



Sunday evening, I was invited to a wine tasting group. The first meeting was themed around sparkling whites:


This was the first bottle of the night, so I have no excuse for the blurriness. I also have no excuse for how I failed to photograph the outstanding hors d’oeuvres assembled by our host, except that I was too busy stuffing them in my mouth to grab the camera. Cheese puffs, rabbit terrine, and pistachio foie gras, oh my! Seriously, that foie gras was to die for.

cages and corks

Four bottle of champagne among four people! That’s quite an event.

Then home to collapse into bed without dinner, and wake up this morning a little worse for wear. Bright sunshine (!) plus a hot cup of tea are slowly bringing me back to normal.



  1. The blurriness of the photo accurately reflects how I felt as we started to open the third bottle, and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to be feeling it this morning. I guess it’s the price to be paid for pleasure…

  2. Too true! Maybe next time it would be wise to have fewer bottles than people.

  3. WOW, that sushi does look good, Amy! And I think it’s tough to come by really good sushi here in Paris… Working with the Japanese now, I know how picky they can be about their sushi! It’s always a good sign when you see natives in the restaurant.

    And the wine study group sounds like it went really well — I regret not being able to make it! The hors d’oeuvres sound amazing — pistachio foie gras? I’m drooling here, look what you’ve done to me!

  4. Alice –
    A friend picked the restaurant, so I had no idea what I was getting into… But I was very impressed. The sushi was excellent, although a little lacking in variety.

    The next wine group meeting is in two weeks — I hope you’ll be able to make it.

    But on to more pressing matters: what has become of our verre de vin? 😉 I left a note in your inbox.

  5. Duh on my part… If I only had a brain some days! I’ve just sent you an e-mail. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you! (it would be nice if I gave you enough forewarning at this point…!)

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