Drôle de Décor

October 27, 2006 at 1:35 pm | Posted in vie quotidienne, writing | 6 Comments

Last night, I went to a meeting at a bar. I wasn’t quite sure where I was going or who I was meeting, and when I finally made it there, I was ushered in my confusion to a long, dark table in the corner. Hoping to make the best of an awkward situation, I introduced myself and ordered a beer.  That’s when, glancing around, my eyes lighted on this tasteful display, pinned to the wall directly above my table:


Um, yeah, that’s a wall full of ladies’ underwear.

Needless to say, this image cast a lacy pall over the rest of the evening.



  1. cool.
    where is this?

  2. The bar is called Duc de Trevise, on the Rue de Trevise in the 9th.

  3. I want to move to france myself, but Im not sure if there is any people like me there.. Are you all well dressed in a parisian way, and live an adult life, or are there any “party people” there also? (This sounds cheesy, but I guess if I could write in my own language I would express myself better!)

    I’m searching through all the french blogs I can find, but really, where are the hipsters? Do you know of any blogs I can check out to get a feeling of what parisian parties and clubbing is like?

  4. Trista –

    Sorry my life isn’t exciting enough for you. Why don’t you check out this blog? She seems to do the whole clubbing thing.

  5. Your blog is great! I look forward to reading more.

  6. Thank you, americanincanada.

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