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October 16, 2006 at 12:14 pm | Posted in art | Comments Off on Anonymous Art

There were so many ridiculous things going on in Paris this weekend, it was impossible to choose what to do. So… we decided to screw Paris and head out to the funky/bohemian suburb of Montreuil for their Portes Ouvertes: Ateliers d’Artistes festival. Basically, it was a fabulous opportunity to tromp through the apartments and work-spaces of real, live artists. A little like going to the zoo.

monster lamp

Cute, huh? Okay, now let me take a moment to complain about artists. As should already be clear from this blog, I love art, and I would very much like to give support and publicity to up-and-coming artists, given that I am not yet in a position to buy their works. However, I have a tiny, scattered brain, and I’m not very good at absorbing people’s names when I am introduced to them.

THEREFORE, if you, as an artist, would like people to talk about you, to spread news of your talent, and maybe eventually hand you money, it would behoove you to make:

a) a website (extra points for an easy-to-remember web address)
b) business cards (preferably printed with your name, your web address, and a picture or drawing of your work, otherwise I will not remember who handed me this card.)
c) at the very least, your name written in LARGE LETTERS somewhere very obvious in your studio or gallery.

I know I’m preaching to the choir, because anyone savvy enough to visit my website surely knows all of this, but if you have any artsy friends, please pass this info on to them if you want them to ever become successful.

< /public service announcement>

Enough of that, here are more pics:

wall of dolls

Loved the little dolls, though they worked much better as a mounted ensemble than individual pieces. Check out their adorable naughty bits.

camera obscura

This was taken inside a human sized camera obscura, which was extremely cool, though difficult to photograph. Even better, the artist actually succeeded in conveying his name to me! Dale Joseph Rowe. Doesn’t seem to have a website (sigh), but here are some of the pictures he makes using the camera obscura.

New York

Lastly, please don’t hate me for posting this, but I was way into these tongue-in-cheek snow globes. There were dozens of them, from all around the world, so it’s not like New York was being especially picked on, or anything. And yes, those are little people floating around in the globe in lieu of snow.


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