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October 3, 2006 at 2:41 pm | Posted in fashion | 5 Comments

Yesterday, I took a trip to Galeries Lafayette to snap some fashion photos. Unfortunately, I am new to this, and failed to keep track of the designers’ names. Oops, sorry. Here’s what I saw.

First off, things I like:

Black Ruffle

Wearable? Maybe not without looking like a Goth drag queen, but I still like a good ruffle.


I adore the poof. The front was nice, too.

But hey, enough about that. Let’s talk about the way ugly stuff:

Track Suit

Yes, it’s a three-piece velour track suit. No wardrobe is complete without one.


No, Lacoste. Just… no.

Chloe, No!

This Chloe outfit would be adorable… on a six-month old.

And the best for last: shoes!

Spike Heel

Mmm, fetishy.



Sparkle More

And my favorites. Hey, no one ever accused me of being tasteful.



  1. I also lurrrrve the ruffle top, and looks like it’s a great colour. Très chic.

    Are you telling me those other outfits were stocked in Galeries Lafayette! Quelle dommage!

  2. They were indeed!
    But I don’t mean to be too hard on them. I know that a big part of fashion is taking risks, and sometimes, when we take risks… We wind up with velour track suits. C’est la vie.

  3. I read somewhere that Madonna’s big design item for H&M this season is a white track suit.

    My mom LOVES track suits. So does my 80 year old aunt.

    What the hell?…

  4. After posting, I realised something.
    Isn’t there a no white after Labor Day rule somewhere?

  5. JChevais – I think it’s been a long time since Madonna felt the need to obey rules of etiquette.

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